At Luxe Union we are proud to offer a Specialist Handbag Cleaning service for your treasured handbags or purses. Whether they are plain, leather, suede or covered all over in sequins and beads we can offer handbag cleaning to the highest standards.

As part of our handbag cleaning process we can also de-odourised your accessories to leave them looking, feeling and smelling fresh. Once our handbag cleaning process is complete we beautifully individual wrap and package your handbags or purses ready for collection, delivery or postal service.

We successfully offer handbag cleaning on brands such as Hermes, Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Prada, Miu Miu, Fendi, Longchamp many others on a regular basis.

Are your favourite sneakers ingrained with dirt? Don’t throw them away just yet, Luxe Union cleaning services is now in Klang Valley (Puchong & Kota Kemuning).

At Luxe Union we provide a professional sneaker cleaning service for your favourite Nike, Adidas, Vans, Timberland, running shoes and more. Our mission? For you to fall in love with your sneakers all over again.

We aim to clean, freshen and restore the condition of your sneakers, trainers, runners, and plimsolls, doing our very best to make them as they once were.

As part of the sneaker cleaning process we can also have your sneakers professionally deodorized before we carefully individual wrap and package your footwear ready for your delivery / pick up.

Here at Luxe Union we are dedicated to bringing the highest standards of quality and trainer care to the homes of our busy customers.

Our service
Sneakers Cleaning : We clean through from your insoles, uppersoles, shoelaces, midsoles and bottom soles

Premium dry clean: Specially designed dry cleaning technique for premium shoes which require special care and attention, which comes only with experience.

Our services:

This consists of light layers of paint hand mixed in our atelier to ensure the perfect colour match to conceal any signs of staining, wear and scuffing.

If the edging is cracked or disintegrated, we sand down the old edging and replace it. Edging is made up of a specialist paint which seals and protects the leather after the bag has been constructed, usually along the handles. The edging is important not only to strengthen and support the strap but also for aesthetic purposes.

This can fill holes, smooth deep scratches and cover worn away corners. This would be provided alongside some colour restoration so that the mend is as invisible as possible.

We can conceal any piping that has become visible with synthetic fillers. This would be provided alongside some colour restoration so that the mend is as invisible as possible.

We can restitch any area of the bag where any stitching has come loose and the structure of the bag is affected. This may be in the lining, loose side tabs, straps, panels, gussets, zips or handles. Cost drivers include whether it requires handstitching, the length and complexity of the stitching.

We can stitch or patch any tears or holes in the lining. Please be aware this mend will be visible. If your lining is beyond repair, our professional team member will advise you on the options available.

We can recolour bags to black color apart from your original – usually only if necessary.

Are your soles wearing out, do your shoes have scuff marks you can’t get rid off, have your high heels snapped? Worry no more.

If you require shoe repair services Luxe Union is here to help, regardless of shoe size! We provide a wide range of shoe and boot repair services for both men’s and women’s items including insole replacement, anti slip sole as well as heel/boot tip re-heeling.

We go above and beyond to deliver the best results for our customers. Your items will be repaired and finished with the same professional standards that you would expect from brand new shoes. Luxe Union strives to ensure customers are satisfied with the shoe repair service.

Our reputation is built on the quality of service, as well as personal attention to detail. In addition to our great reputation with experienced cobblers, we also offer a quick turn around and convenience for customers. Customers have the option of collecting the items or delivered back to you.

Skin cleaning should only be undertaken by a specialist. At Luxe Union we have successfully treated a variety of skins. We provide a leather, suede, lambskin, calfskin and fur service for a range of items including: jackets, coats, waistcoats, skirts, suits, trousers, gloves, sheepskin rugs, motorcycle jackets, shoes, boots, handbags and many more…

Why not prolong the life of your favourite leather & suede garments by taking advantage of our professional cleaning services. As part of our specialist service our expert team will also re-tint and re-oil all skins to preserve & restore your garments, bringing them back to their original glory.

Our Service

  • Leather / Suede Jacket Cleaning
  • Handbag Cleaning
  • Leather / Suede Shoe Cleaning
  • and many more…

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